Information Systems

Programme Objectives

The objectives of the Bachelor honours degree programme in Information Systems are to:

a. provide and promote sound practical and theoretical training in information systems that will make the students useful in both private and public sectors of the economy;

b. identify the basic problems of the society and find appropriate computing solutions to them;

d. equip the students with the capacity for professional practice in computing and communications;

e. develop in students through an education in information systems a range of transferrable applicable skills of information technology to all aspects of human endeavours;

f. develop the students for the purpose of self-employment and job placements in the government and industry;

g. generate in students to appreciate of the importance of information systems in an industrial, economic, technological and social context; and

h. develop the students through sound academic programmes as a basis for further studies in information systems or multi-disciplinary studies involving information systems.

i. prepare students to begin professional careers upon graduation by providing experience with the most current technologies needed to support the delivery and management of information systems;

j. support career advancement over time by giving our graduates the academic foundation in Information Systems needed for continued professional development.