Information Systems

Available equipment

The Department has three main software laboratories with over five hundred computers (500) which are being shared with sister Department (Computer Science) made of personal computers and thin clients connected to the Internet and also equipped with the state of art facilities. The hardware studies laboratory consists of HP Logic lab, HP logic analyser, HP digital oscilloscope, HP pulse generator, pen plotter, HP digital multimeter, Sanwa analogue multimetre, TENICA digital multimeter, HP DC power supply, variable AC power supply, transformer, FPGA boards, Kephera educational robot among others.

The Department has a library/research laboratory which is shared with sister Department (Computer Science) that accommodates both e-library and physical books. The library/research laboratory is connected to the Internet. Each academic staff has a well-furnished office, desktop or laptop computer system which is connected to the Internet and a printer for a quality academic work. Most offices are provided with inverter power system.